Leprechaun et son bonnet vert!

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Oct 13 2015 10:56
Leprechaun et son bonnet vert!

Il y a environ deux siècles Molly Cogan de Kilmallock parlé le célèbre folkloriste Thomas Crofton Croker un lutin, son grand-père avait rencontré et même prendre.

C'est arrivé comme ça : une nuit qu'il allait à l'écurie pour s'occuper de sa vieille jument, grand-père Cogan entendu quelque chose « marteler, marteler, martelage juste pour tout le monde comme un cordonnier en faisant un bonnet et siffler tout le temps la plus jolie mélodie il jamais entendu toute sa vie avant. »

Il a deviné ce qui pourrait faire le son et se souvenir des contes de lutins et leur or, il se glissa. Il a regardé autour, mais "jamais un peu de petit homme il voyait partout, mais il a entendu lui martelant et sifflement et donc il a regardé et regardé, jusqu'au dernier a-t-il vu le petit bonhomme.

« Où était-il, vous pensez, mais la circonférence en vertu de la jument et là il était avec son peu un tablier sur lui et un marteau dans sa main et il était tellement occupé avec son travail sur http://www.bonnetnoel.com/ et il était martelant et sifflement si fort, qu'il a jamais d'esprit mon grand-père jusqu'à ce qu'il a attrapé le lutin rapide dans sa main.

« « Foi je vous ai maintenant, » dit-il. "Et je ne vais jamais vous laisser aller jusqu'à ce que je reçois votre sac à main, c'est ce que je ne veux pas. Alors me le donner ici en même temps maintenant. »

« « Stop, stop! » crie le lutin. « Stop jusqu'à ce que j'obtenir pour vous! »

« Pour mon grand-père, comme un imbécile, vous voyez, a ouvert sa main un peu et le petit bonhomme a sauté loin de rire. Et il le voyait jamais plus, et n'ai jamais un peu de la bourse il obtenu, seulement le lutin a laissé son petit bonnet qu'il faisait, et mon grand-père était fou assez en colère contre lui-même pour laisser lui aller, mais il avait le bonnet noel toute sa vie. Et ma mère m'a dit qu'elle a vu souvent et qu'il avait dans sa main et « twas la plus jolie petit bonnet noel, qu'elle ait jamais vu. »

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Oct 13 2015 15:52

Bizarre. A fairy tale google translated into (bad) French. Spambots get weirder.

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Jan 1 2016 19:21

Nous sommes tous des lutins et le patronage nous tient dans la main. Mais comment les faire relacher la main? Voila la question.

Moi, lutin comme je suis, je m'en vais chercher mon tablier et mon marteau. Je vais fabriquer un moyen pour les faire relacher la main. Ca faut du temps, mais quand je l'ai découvert je te le montrerai.

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Jan 7 2016 16:42

Lutin The Leprechaun Breaks Free

Full flood of the last days of capitalism or first days of the meritocracy (whichever, same reality.) And every weekday morning we drag ourselves out of bed and work another day full of stress and boredom - earning enough to live on and, of course, most important, enough to keep our bosses in their accustomed luxury.

Now what is it Marx said? I think I remember - “All philosophers have just tried to interpret history. The point is to change it.”

But it isn't just the old philosophers who didn't do change. Because whenever I listen to the communists, the socialists, the anarchists, and I do listen, all they can do is talk about pie in the sky theories or mingy little parish pump campaigns.

Well, now, there I was fed up with all the talk. So I asked my friend Lutin and the others in the collective what should we actually try to do. And after a while we all decided (Lutin included) that first off we had to dump this establishment system so that we can have a level playing field and after that we can start thinking about creating a world worth living in for us leprechauns and libertarian socialists.

But that was the end of the consensus. Lots of different ideas about what were the mainstays of the system and what indeed was the system and how it all held together. O.K. After a while we all did say it's power and wealth, but then that's sort of woolly isn't it? Anyway, we tried breaking it down and putting things into a sort of order of operation.

It seemed to us like a good idea to start with those issues where there is already political conflict and which were also issues that would set up the next stage. In other words using the good old domino effect.

Without going into too much boring detail we ended up putting forward twelve campaign areas. Some are more or less sequential. Some are interdependent. The order is variable and some are probably best done simultaneously.

Here They Are

1 Leaving the euro

The euro is their first line of defense as we have seen most notably in the Greek crisis.

2 Leaving the EU

The EU is the multi-nationals' dream world. Constantly manipulated by them - constantly smoothing the way and channeling their profits through to them. Fortunately there is an anti EU bandwagon rolling, although populated by a bizarre mixture of the right and left in Europe.

3 Regulation of multi-nationals

They have great propaganda. They come bearing the gift of jobs and are welcomed with open arms. Yet when they pull out the discontent is muted. But there is an opportunity here to advocate “more caring and efficient enterprises.” And bit by bit take the chance to slip in direct supervision and exposure of their excess profits.

4 A planned economy with senior management centrally approved

Here we must use an argument aimed at popular opinion, “Another recession? No thank you. Make industry safe by organising it and putting in trustworthy management.” We will need to set up a reporting member on every major board, prior consent to developments and confirmation of senior appointments.

5 Discrediting of excessive salaries and privileges

There already is a popular groundswell critical of excessive salaries and we should be able to build on it. This is an essential step. These are the movers and shakers who control the establishment. They are very dangerous people and will engage in running rearguard battle against their loss of money and power.

6 Opening up of professions where the intake of new workers has been limited in order to protect high rates of charges

We face strike action from the haute bourgeoisie. For generations they have been limiting admission to their professions and will use their scarcity to boycott pay equality.

7 Progressive equalisation of public sector salaries

High paid top civil servants are the natural allies of bourgeoisie. Giving them the average industrial salary would change their outlook. Even so it will probably be necessary remove many of them from their positions of power and influence.

8 A confiscatory level of income tax to mop up the remaining excess incomes

Once we have management, the professions and the civil service on equal pay for equal hours it will be easy to tax the last of the fat cats out of existence.

9 Developing a local network of direct democracy affinity groups

Never easy as anyone who has tried will tell you, but by this point we may benefit from a shift in attitudes.

10 Public ownership of major companies and control of smaller companies through partnerships or co-operatives

Is there a size limit after which workers' co-ops start to malfunction? In any case plant and machinery would have to be publicly owned and leased out to public companies and co-ops.

11 A guaranteed job for those willing to work

Even lumpen proletariat lay-abouts and ci-devant aristos would have to be given food and shelter. But everybody else gets a full salary and without question we would then find them work that needed to be done.

12 Equal pay for all workers and equivalent pensions for those unable to work

We are now getting to the level playing field and we can start planning and building libertarian socialism.

Come and dance with me in Ireland

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Apr 15 2017 17:15

So how do we build libertarian socialism?