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Mar 13 2017 19:42

According to Turkish media, police in the Netherlands ("Holland") threw an atom bomb at Turkish protesters...

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Mar 15 2017 11:07

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND – Local teenage Marxist Frank Hobbes has elected to join the SPGB, making him the first young person to join the party in decades.
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Mar 20 2017 21:02

nothing to do with politics.

THERE were tense scenes at today’s weigh-in for Conor McGregor’s upcoming first child, as the spirited foetus squared up to the doctor performing his ultrasound, reportedly telling him to ‘get that fuckin’ thing out of my face’.


Swimming in amniotic fluid with the same swagger and attitude as Conor, the utero-weight champion went on a rant that would make his dad proud, stating in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t here to be poked and prodded at by ‘some prick who couldn’t make it as a real doctor’..