How I Became an Anarchist: A. Neselbergs

Riga 1928

A translation of an article published in 1931 detailing events in Latvia before WWII and how Esperanto played a part in the political development of the author, a Latvian revolutionary. The Esperanto original can be found here.

The 1946 general strike of Rochester, New York

Strike demonstration

A short history of the general strike in May 1946 in Rochester against the sacking of hundreds of municipal workers, written by Jon Garlock.

Simple sabotage field manual

Simple sabotage manual cover

A manual for sabotage at the workplace, originally published in 1944 by the CIA's predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services for citizens of Nazi-occupied countries. It still has relevance for workers today who wish to sabotage their employers.

Stjepan Filipović: everlasting symbol of anti-fascism

Stjepan Filipović on the gallows

Short account of the execution of Croatian communist partisan Stjepan Filipović by the Nazis in 1942, which was made famous by his final act of defiance.

Negara: sebuah pengantar

Sebuah penjelasan menurut kami dari terhadap negara (state) dan bagaimana pentingnya hubungannya dengan para pekerja.

The revolutionary movement and the Second World War: interview with Marc Chirik, 1985

1985 interview with Marc Chirik focusing on the internationalist opposition to World War Two, especially in France

Vote: what for? - Robert Lynn

Small booklet by Robert ("Bobby") Lynn, Glasgow anarchist, who was born and lived in Calton Glasgow, one of Glasgow’s many slums. Started work as an engineering apprentice in Yarrow’s shipyard, became involved in working class struggle and remained committed to that struggle all his life. Held in the Les Forster collection at Spirit of Revolt Archive Glasgow.

Crianças em greve 1911

Hull greve 1911

Episódios das greves que, em 1911, irromperam pelas escolas da Escócia, Inglaterra e Irlanda.

Sapronov and the Russian Revolution - Yurii Colombo

Timofei Sapronov decists Democratic centralism

Source: International Socialist Review, Winter 2016-17. Contains translated excerpts of Sapronov’s essay 'The Death-Throes of the Petty Bourgeois Dictatorship' (December 1931). For a list of translations of the Decists see here.

Industrial Pioneer (July 1924)

The July 1924 (Vol. 2, No. 3) issue of the Industrial Pioneer, an early publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.