Chomsky at MIT: Between the war scientists and the anti-war students, by Chris Knight

Noam Chomsky and police confronting students at MIT, November 1969

It is now fifty years since Noam Chomsky published his celebrated article, 'The Responsibility of Intellectuals'.* Few other writings had a greater impact on the turbulent political atmosphere on US campuses in the 1960s. The essay launched Chomsky's political career as the world's most intransigent and cogent critic of US foreign policy - a position he has held to this day.

Interactive map of workers’ councils (1917-1927)


The 1917 revolution in Russia, and the comeback of workers’ councils, signalled the start of a revolutionary wave that spread across the world over the next ten years. The map below is an attempt at charting the spread of the council movement in the 1917-1927 period. Work in progress!

In Defense of Anarchism, In Defense of Anti-Autoritarianism by Ron Tabor, July 28, 1996

A wide-ranging debate within the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation was sparked by Ron Tabor's July 1996 response to another member Chris Day's polemic "The Historical Failure of Anarchism" ( Tabor, who had been a leader in the Revolutionary Socialist League, also wrote a critique of Lenin and the Bolsheviks "A Look at Leninism". Love and Rage did not survive the fissure and Day's faction soon left the anarchist movement.

Class Consciousness 101

Libertarian Communist Symbol

The following is a manifesto that was written with the intention of introducing some newly arrived activists within the libertarian sector in the US to the core concepts of socialism and class consciousness. Consider it a handy tutorial or learning aid for individuals and organisations alike. As this is intended to be a light educational piece, some levity is to be expected to keep the reader engaged. This resource is in the public domain, and feel free to edit it with your own personal platform/goals.

The currency peace - Rudolf Hilferding

Rudolf Hilferding gold standard

The road to the restoration of the gold currency (4 October 1936). Written in exile under the pseudonym Richard Kern. Reproduced for reference.

مارکس نظریه پرداز آنارشیسم

مارکس نظریه پرداز آنارشیسم

"As barricadas devem ser removidas": fascismo stalinista na espanha (1937) - Paul Mattick

Descrição dos acontecimentos de maio de 1937 na Catalunha: a contrarrevolução stalinista e o papel que os anarquistas da CNT-FAI, que participava no governo, teve no massacre.

Stalinismo e trotskismo (1947) - Paul Mattick

"Toda a argumentação de Trotsky se apóia sobre a identificação entre capitalismo de estado e socialismo."

Finance and productive capital - Aleksandr Finn-Enotaevsky

Rudolf Hilferding Aleksandr Finn-Enotaevsky finance capital

pp. 160, 1926, Moscow: Finansovoe izdatel'stvo NKF. Finn-Enotaevsky (1872–1941) was one of the best Marxist economists. This book provides a critique of Hilferding's theory of finance capital. Финансовый капитал и производительный. Александр Финн-Енотаевский.