In for a storm: a crisis on the way - Troploin

2007 article on the state of global capitalism and the possibility of rupture.

What's it all about? Questions and answers - Troploin

The Troploin collective, interviewed by German communist group Revolution Times, outline their (anti-) political perspective.

Invisible Politics - An Introduction to Contemporary Communisation - John Cunningham

In the wake of the organised left and the demise of working class self-identity, communisation offers a paradoxical means of superseding capitalism in the here and now whilst abandoning orthodox theories of revolution. John Cunningham reports from the picket line of the ‘human strike'.

Moral Disorder & Sexual Identity - Gilles Dauvé

"When moral order and disorder meet, monsters breed. Communism however knows no monster. Most radicals have trouble understanding this." - Gilles Dauvé

Notes on Endnotes

A short summary and critical analysis of “Endnotes 1: Preliminary Materials for a Balance Sheet of the 20th Century” which "presents a discussion between two contemporary French groups on the relation between the present class relation and the failed revolutions of the 20th Century."

The debate was between Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic and the Theorie Communiste group and covered such issues as the conception of proletariat and communism, periodisation of struggles, historical determinism etc.

Endnotes 1 was published in October 2008.

The continuing appeal of religion - Troploin

Troploin believe that religion is far from dead and there can be no communist perspective without a critique of religion. The question for them is, 'what critique?'

Democracy as the Community of Capital - Leo Björk

The article as follows is a terse critique of democracy both as ideology and material reality. It has its points of departure in the pamphlet Bordiga versus Pannekoek from Antagonism Press, which riff-raff plan to publish in Swedish translation later this year.

The story of our origins - Gilles Dauvé

Workers storm the Royal Palace in the German Revolution

Dauve traces the emergence of the ultra-left current in the aftermath of WWI and the failure of the Russian and German Revolutions.

Intakes: Back to the Situationist International

Critique of The Situationist International by Gilles Dauve (Jean Barrot) is one of the more important texts on the situationists.We reprint below an update to the text which is due to be published in Greek by TPTG.