The abyss opens: The rise and fall of Keynesianism - John Holloway

The state of the world economy is proving John Maynard Keynes right in his claim that capitalism requires significant state spending to prosper.

The fabric of struggles - Benjamin Noys

Introduction to 'Communization and its discontents' by Benjamin Noys

Communism: points for consideration - L'Insecurite Sociale

First published in 1984 in France by L’Insecurité Sociale, this essay on the nature of communism—punctuated by four illustrative quotations from Moses Hess, Gerrard Winstanley and William Morris—claims that capitalism “has only one insuperable contradiction: the human species”, and defines communism as the “tendency towards human community” that “is a constant feature of human history and has repeatedly assumed concrete forms”.

Communization As a Way Out of the Crisis - Bruno Astarian

In this short essay written in 2009, Bruno Astarian defines “communization” as the direct establishment of communism, and denies the need for a “transitional” regime: first, he says, the proletariat will launch insurrectionary expropriations “to assure its own survival” in response to the crisis; then after the crisis has been overcome by the free distribution of stored goods, production will resume in the form of “production without productivity” (without accounting) and “consumption without necessity” (without the fear of scarcity or poverty), in a new society where “free distribution … breaks with all separations” in the form of “a single unified free activity”.

Sic 1.1 - Further remarks


Further remarks and discussion on The Present Moment from Sic 1

Crisis and communisation

From the first issue of the journal Sic