Communization As a Way Out of the Crisis - Bruno Astarian

In this short essay written in 2009, Bruno Astarian defines “communization” as the direct establishment of communism, and denies the need for a “transitional” regime: first, he says, the proletariat will launch insurrectionary expropriations “to assure its own survival” in response to the crisis; then after the crisis has been overcome by the free distribution of stored goods, production will resume in the form of “production without productivity” (without accounting) and “consumption without necessity” (without the fear of scarcity or poverty), in a new society where “free distribution … breaks with all separations” in the form of “a single unified free activity”.

Sic 1.1 - Further remarks


Further remarks and discussion on The Present Moment from Sic 1

Crisis and communisation

From the first issue of the journal Sic

What is communisation? - Leon de Mattis

Léon de Mattis' introduction to tap communisation for the journal, Sic.


The present journal aims to be the locus for an unfolding of the problematic of communisation. It comes from the encounter of individuals involved in various projects in different countries : among these are the journals Endnotes, published in the UK and in the US, Blaumachen in Greece, Théorie Communiste in France, Riff-Raff in Sweden, and certain more or less informal theoretical groups in the US (New York and San Francisco). Each of these projects continues its own existence. Also participating are various individuals in France, Germany, and elsewhere, who are involved in other activities and who locate themselves broadly within the theoretical approach taken here.

Sic I

Issue 1 (November 2011) of Sic – a new journal on communisation from Endnotes, Blaumachen, Théorie Communiste, Riff-Raff and more.

Communization and its discontents: Contestation, critique, and contemporary struggles


Can we find alternatives to the failed radical projects of the twentieth century? What are the possible forms of struggle today? How do we fight back against the misery of our crisis-ridden present?

Why not the autumn of the communes?: A response to the Jacobins

viva la commune!

A response to Jacobin magazine's discussion on the #Occupy movement, by a student who experienced the 2009-2010 University of California protests and occupations. The author relates the movements back to the 'communisation' tendency within recent events in France.

The era of riots (update)

This is an introduction and update to the text "The transitional phase of crisis: The era of riots" by Greek communist group Blaumachen.