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Stop the City 1984

The current Occupy Stock Exchange London protest camped out by St Paul's is the latest in a long line of actions targeting the financial centre of London. In 1983-84 the area was the focus for a series of one day Stop the City protests. The first of these took place in September 1983 and was followed by a bigger one in March 1984. The protest in September 1984 was also substantial, but by then the police had got wise to the tactic and were more successful at imposing control through mass arrests. History is Made at Night took part in both of the 1984 events...


Hey there. I am the Croydonian Anarchist. This blog will be focusing around any political goings on at my sixth form that I attend (I'm in the second year, and just about to turn 18) which I will be reporting on as they happen from a critical anarchist and/or anarchist communist perspective. I may also post about education issues in general. But before I start I thought I would include an article I did for Freedom newspaper a couple of months ago that talks about how I got into anarchism to give you a bit of background info about myself personally

The new war on claimants: blaming the victims

With unemployment increasing, and hundreds of thousands more jobs facing the axe as a result of the cuts, the government is setting out new ways to punish the unemployed.

Henry, Agnes 1850-1915

Agnes Henry

A short biography of Agnes Henry, active in the British anarchist movement in the 1880s-1890s

The tradition of workers' control - Geoffrey Ostergaard

The Tradition of Workers' Control

In this book the English anarchist writer Geoffrey Ostergaard sets out to sketch the historical development of the concept of workers' control in Britain, to clarify and assess the significance of the concept, and to explain why, both in theory and in practice, the idea has met with such little success.

Austerity: No restoration for Aquila

Italy’s earthquake city set to remain a ghost town as cuts bite, reports Rob Ray for Freedom anarchist newspaper

Freedom newspaper copy dates - 2009

Copy dates for the anarchist newspaper Freedom for next year - send submissions to freedomeds - puttheatsigninhere -

Tanzania miners: digging their own graves

A new report into the mining industry in Tanzania has exposed endemic corruption, displacement of the poor, environmental destruction and deteriorating working conditions in the poverty-stricken country as international corporations clean up.

Unrest over academies expansion

As 70 failing schools join the 310 already on the list of schools which will be or already are now operating as academies, coalitions of parents in Brighton and Hove, Ipswich and Sheffield are challenging moves to switch them over.

Jobs on the paper

We’ve had a few drop-outs in the last couple of collective issues, so Freedom is looking for more people…