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Freedom newspaper copy dates - 2009

Copy dates for the anarchist newspaper Freedom for next year - send submissions to freedomeds - puttheatsigninhere -

Tanzania miners: digging their own graves

A new report into the mining industry in Tanzania has exposed endemic corruption, displacement of the poor, environmental destruction and deteriorating working conditions in the poverty-stricken country as international corporations clean up.

Unrest over academies expansion

As 70 failing schools join the 310 already on the list of schools which will be or already are now operating as academies, coalitions of parents in Brighton and Hove, Ipswich and Sheffield are challenging moves to switch them over.

Jobs on the paper

We’ve had a few drop-outs in the last couple of collective issues, so Freedom is looking for more people…

All change in Angel Alley

I’ve recently been having a lot of fun with old bits of paper at Freedom Press indulging my mild archiving OCD, as preparations are made to move the building's retail arm downstairs by our tame shop-guru amid a serious change-around.

The Christie Carballo committee and the rewriting of history

Article from Black Flag by Mark Hendy responding to lies from the then-editors of Freedom.