German Resistance

Doster, Gustav aka Gustl 1904-1977

Gustav Doster standing on left at illegal FAUD meeting in 1933.

Gustav Doster was a leading light in the anarchist movement in the Rhineland. He organised underground anarchist networks under Nazism and experienced the Spanish Revolution.

Friedetzky, Heinrich, 1910-1998

Heinrich Friedetzky was a German anarchist who preserved his beliefs despite the experiences of Nazism, prison and concentration camps.

Benner, Fritz (1906-1966)

Fritz Benner

A short biography of Fritz Benner, courageous German anarchist.

Berner, Rudolf, 1907-1977

A short biography of Swedish anarchist Rudolf Berner, active in Spain and in underground work in Nazi Germany.

Götze, Anna, 1875-1958

A short biography of anarchist and German revolutionary Anna Götze.

Elser, Georg, 1903-1945

Georg Elser

The story of a quiet man who tried single-handedly to kill Hitler.

Schmitz, Hans, 1914-2007

Hans Schmitz

A short biography of German anarcho-syndicalist, militant anti-fascist and conscript to the Wehrmacht, Hans Schmitz.

Glaser, Georg Katharina, 1910-1995

Georg Katharina Glaser

A short biography of worker, autodidact, writer, anarchist and anti-Nazi German Georg Katharina Glaser.

Anarchist activity in Nazi Germany - Albert Meltzer

Target - Anarchist assassination attempts failed

Some notes on the activity of anarchists in Germany immediately preceding and soon after the Nazis' gained power, including accounts of attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

The Edelweiss Pirates, 1939-1945

Edelweiss Pirates

An account of the Edelweiss Pirates, a World War II era German anti-Nazi movement of working class youth who fought against the regime.