Class struggle in the automotive industry: Will it step on the gas? - The preface

Preface to the bulletin “Class Struggle In The Automotive Industry: Will It Step On The Gas?” published by Kolektivne proti kapitalu (Collectively Against Capital, KPK) in June 2007

Migrant workers in the Czech Republic, 2005

One of Czech's many factories

An article about the situation of predominantly Slovakian and Ukrainian immigrant workers in the Czech Republic in 2005.

Student protests in Italy and Slovakia, 2005

Two short articles about school and university student demonstrations, March 2005.

1419-today: Czech anarchism

A brief but detailed history of anarchist ideas and the anarchist movement in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bohemia.

Reform and counterreform in the bureaucratic bloc: Czechoslovakia 1968

Article by the Situationist International about the Prague Spring, 1968.