Spanish resistance

Téllez Solà, Antonio, 1921-2005

Antonio Téllez Solà.

A biography of an anti-Franco guerrilla who became the leading historian of the Spanish Resistance, Antonio Téllez Solà.

Armed resistance to Franco, 1939-1965 - Antonio Téllez

Spanish resistance fighters in the mountains.

An account by Antonio Téllez of the underground guerrilla armed struggle of anarchists and anti-fascists against General Franco's regime following the Civil War.

1939-1943: The Pallarès Action Group

Dictator: Franco

A short history of one of the small groups of anarchist guerrillas who fought in the Resistance to the dictatorship in Spain.

1941-1947: The Los Queros guerrillas


A short history of a small band of anarchist rebels who fought in the Resistance to General Franco's dictatorship in Spain.

Stuart Christie's account of his actions in a Franco assassination attempt, 1964

Stuart Christie's mugshot

An extract of Stuart Christie's book Granny Made Me An Anarchist which describes his involvement in an attempt to assassinate Spanish dictator General Franco. He describes his experiences from picking up the plastic explosive in France to his arrest by Franco's police in Spain.

Sarrau Royes, Liberto, 1920-2002

Liberto (on the right) with two friends in Toulouse, 1946.

A short biography of Spanish anarchist, civil war fighter and Resistance guerrilla Liberto Sarrau Royes.

Orive, Wenceslao Jimenez 'Wences', 1922-1950

Guerrilla - Wenceslao Jimenez 'Wences' Orive

A short biography of Wenceslao Jimenez 'Wences' Orive, Spanish anarchist who fought in the guerrilla resistance to Franco following the fascist victory in the Civil War.

Fiaschi, Goliardo, 1930-2000

Goliardo Fiaschi

A biography of Italian anarchist and anti-fascist partisan and book seller Goliardo Fiaschi.

Piñol, Juan Brell, 1908-1976+

Anarchist militia, 1936

Biographical information about Spanish anarchist woodworker and Civil War and Resistance fighter and later pensioners' advocate Juan Brell Piñol.

Tomás, Joaquin Pallarès, 1923-1943


Short biographical information about the leader of one of the first anti-Franco guerrilla groups, Joaquin Pallarès Tomás.