Marching altogether? Football fans taking a stand against racism

Marching Altogether

An article written by a co-founder of Leeds Fans United Against Racism and Fascism about their campaign to rid fascist and racist activity at Elland Road with their fanzine 'Marching Altogether'.

Blood Sport: a brief look at the sometimes violent resistance to public funding of sports stadiums in Arizona

An article about violence around public funding of sports stadiums in Arizona, and how this is a reflection of an isloated white working class.

The suns of anarchy

An article about how the Phoenix Suns basketball team came out against anti-immigration laws in Arizona.

Not quite kicked out: racism in English football

Local bellends supporting racism.

The past few months have been difficult for anti-racist football fans in England. As one instance of racism has followed the other, I've been dropping my jaw and grinding my molars so much that my mouth is starting to ache. To try and ease this I thought I'd put down my thoughts on it all.

Rugby and Apartheid

Anti-apartheid protestor

A documentary about the history of South Africa v New Zealand international rugby matches and how apartheid affected this.

The political economy of professional wrestling: Capital, unions and spandex

Jasmin Mujanović charts the history of the wrestling profession, McMahon's monopolization of the industry and the precarious and sometimes devastating nature of wrestlers' labour.

Millwall not scabs shock

Prior to the two clubs meeting at The Den back in September 2011, Transpontine discussed the Millwall and West Ham rivalry and asked whether its origins in the 1926 General Strike is based on reality of fiction.

Polish MMA promotion gives neo-nazi the boot

Finnish MMA fighter with nazi tattoos gets the boot from KSW in Poland

What would a boxers union look like?

This week on a recent episode of fight sport podcast No Holds Barred there's a section on the possibilities of organising boxers into a union. The discussion notes that other sports have unions and have had high-profile strikes but boxing has never had any noticable level of organising.

Monson interviews after Fedor fight

monson fedor

A few interviews with Jeff Monson about his experience of Russian healthcare, his fight with Fedor, and Putin getting booed.