Kelvin McKenzie's fake apology

Kelvin McKenzie the former editor of the Sun has apologised for remarks that he and his paper made about the people of Liverpool following the Hillsborough tragedy.

Monson loses decision against Fedor

Jeff Monson vs Fedor Emelianenko went this distance this evening in Moscow with Fedor taking it on points.

Jeff Monson v Fedor, this Sunday

Anarchist MMA fighter Jeff Monson is up against Fedor Emelianenko this Sunday in Moscow. Latest interview with him pre-fight.

If someone calls you a b***k c**t, just shake their hand

There is no racism in football claims the contemptible Sepp Blatter. He says that if a player racially abuses another then they should just shake hands and get on with it. Is it any wonder that racism in society continues to be relatively acceptable when the celebrity class face no action for their vile behaviour?

In defence of Jim Boni

Extract from a Sports Illustrated article about ice hockey player Jim Boni, who was accused of manslaught on the rink and the subsequent support actions by other players in face of his suspension.

Jeff Monson documentary

Jeff Monson.

Anarchist mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson discusses his life, politics and fight career in a recent documentary.

Strikeforce - Monson outpunched by Cormier

Anarchist MMA fighter Jeff 'The Snowman' Monson faced off against wrestler Daniel Comier in last night's Strikeforce event.

Jeff Monson wins ISKA Title, wants UFC return

Anarchist MMA fighter Jeff Monson won the ISKA heavyweight title by defeating Tony Lopez in Florida earlier this month.

The Ultra movement and the political influences

Fossa dei Leoni, AC Milan ultras.

Article about how Italian politics, of both left and right, came to influence 'ultras' groups in football teams across the country and how it affected the development of these supporters' groups to the present day.

History of the Ultra movement in Italy

Bologna fans, 1984/5.

Article tracing the history of the 'ultras' in Italian football.