The Ultra movement and the political influences

Fossa dei Leoni, AC Milan ultras.

Article about how Italian politics, of both left and right, came to influence 'ultras' groups in football teams across the country and how it affected the development of these supporters' groups to the present day.

History of the Ultra movement in Italy

Bologna fans, 1984/5.

Article tracing the history of the 'ultras' in Italian football.

Intakes: The history of tactics – A political reading

A tongue in cheek political review of Inverting the pyramid – The history of football tactics by Jonathan Wilson.

Wildcat Strike at Lvov Stadium Building Site

The bosses lock in workers to prevent news of strike going public.

Commonwealth Games in Delhi: The reality of exploitation

Article by the International Communist Current looking at the reality of day-to-day exploitation on the site of the approaching Commonwealth Games in India.

French Footballers refuse to train, force team director to resign

France's 2010 World Cup team have withdrawn their labour in support of a colleague sent home after a row with the team's unpopular coach.

Stewards strike at World Cup leads to violence, may spread

A walkout at the World Cup venue in South Africa has been met with police violence as unions threaten to spread the strike.

South Africa's World Cup is a disgrace

It's already the most unequal country on the planet. Now 'the greatest marketing opportunity of our time' is making it worse.

Spanish footballers to strike

Striker: Henry

All footballers in Spain are due to strike from April 16 in support of colleagues who have not received their pay.

A is for England?

Lineker 90

Article about anarchism and supporting your national football team.