Nationwide strike at South African World Cup building sites

Some 70,000 construction workers in South Africa have gone on strike, halting work on stadiums being built for the 2010 World Cup.

MMA and straightedge - nazis fuck off

Don't you hate it when you're into stuff and complete pieces of shit are into it too?

Monson wins with a KO for anarchism


This article came out of a talk given in Belfast by anarchist MMA fighter Jeff Monson in March 2009. The article first appeared in issue 1 of The Leveller.

Strikes and riots at 2010 World Cup building site

Workers have still not resumed work at Mpumalanga's 2010 World Cup stadium after workers downed tools in a wage protest.

Formula One drivers conflicted over strike action

Formula One drivers disagreed about possible strike action yesterday as the FIA raised the cost of super licenses by 1000%.

Sócrates - midfielder and anti-dictatorship resister

Sòcrates - anti-dictatorship resister.

Brazil and Corinthians midfielder, doctor of medicine and philosophy, Sócrates also organised demonstrations of opposition to Brazil's military dictatorship.

Javier Zanetti - Zapatista supporter

Javier Zanetti - right back and left winger

Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti was instrumental in building links between his club and the Zapatistas.

The libcommunity trophy cabinet

The archive of the winners and losers (mostly losers) of user competitions.

JJB workers to go out on strike

JJB workers are calling for a higher basic wage

The BBC are reporting that unionised workers at Greater Manchester-based JJB Sports plan to go on strike next week calling for better wages and conditions, according to the GMB Union.

The great Olympic rip-off

Rob Ray reveals the double standards being applied as the sporting juggernaught tears up London