Possible railway strike during 2006 world cup

German railway workers may strike over plans by the German government to split up the state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn.

Bristol pool occupied

A group of protesters have occupied the site of the former Bristol North swimming bath on Gloucester Road.

Bees United - supporters take over

Bees United, the Brentford Supporters Trust, took over struggling Brentford Football Club in a buy-out on Friday.

Di Canio in fascist salute ban

Paolo Di Canio has been banned for one game and fined £7,000 by the Italian FA for making a fascist salute.

Book review: Undefeated - Terry Marsh

Sporting autobiographies are two a penny. Henry Cooper has written three at the last count. George Best has written more than he has had livers – and that is saying something!

Robbie Fowler - fined for supporting Liverpool dockers

Robbie Fowler supporting Liverpool dockers

England and Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler was fined in 1997 for showing support for sacked dock workers during a European Cup Winners' Cup match.

London 2012 Olympic myths

Why anarchists oppose the Olympic bid - in brief

Scrap London's Olympic bid

Manchester United fans fight back

A press release by the Manchester Education Committee group of Man Utd supporters who disrupted a reserve team game.