What recession means for us

An analysis of the likely impact of the coming recession on workers' lives and a rallying call for collective action to mitigate that impact.

Benefits could be suspended for jobless

Jobless people should "spend nine to five" looking for work or doing community service, or face losing their benefits according to a new government-commissioned report.

Workfare comes to Britain

The Green Paper, No-One is Written Off: Reforming Welfare to Reward Responsibility was published in July. Its aim is to ensure everyone has to “fulfil their responsibilities to prepare for, look for, and take up work.”

France: Areva strikers issued with summonses

31 striking workers have been issued with summonses for 'restricting the freedom to work'

France: organisation amongst the homeless

The treatment of the homeless, especially those who are immigrants the attitude of the French government, as does the resitance organised against it.

Argentina: What is the MTD 'Anibal Veron'?

2003 organizational document of a now defunct national coordination of unemployed workers assemblies. The majority of the assemblies are now integrated in the Frente Popular Darío Santillán.

Physiotherapy students protest against unemployment

Qualified Physiotherapists are struggling to find work

Hundreds of physiotherapy students and graduates have converged on Holyrood to lobby MSPs over their "limited chances" of finding employment.

One in four youth unemployment figure disputed

Florence Lefresne

Our interview with economist and European labour trends specialist Florence Lefresne about the CPE.