Worker resistance at a liquor company

An account of resistance at a closing-down alcoholic drinks company by Roy, a shipping clerk.

Direct action at an electronics factory

A brief account of workers' co-operation and workload-reduction at an electronic transformer factory by Jay, a coil winder .

A bank tellers' sabotage

A brief account of sabotage by bank staff, by Jason, a (former) bank teller.

An account of car factory sabotage

A brief account of sabotage at a car manufacturers in Detroit by Eugene, a carburator assembler.

Self-organisation and action in the US post office

A US bulk mail centre

An account of sabotage, solidarity and wildcat strikes at a large postal sorting office in the US by Judi, a mail handler.

NYC transport workers fighting cuts fined

A judge has imposed a $1m (£570,000) per day fine on New York's main transport union for a strike that has brought city transport to a standstill.

Miscellaneous articles by Lucy Parsons

Lucy Parson's speech to the IWW in 1905

On September 11 and "Against the Double Tragedy"

Chris Wright on the September 11 attacks and the statement "Against the Double Tragedy" put out by News and Letters.